L A U R E L   A M A T E U R   R A D I O    S O C I E T Y 
F I E L D    DAY    A C T I V I T I E S    2000    

   Field  Day Activities - Important and Fun

Peter KJ4ND checks out the antenna array !

Al W4WL pulls in another contact for the records!

Dennis AF4KQ and Dave N4YAD enjoy making a contact !

Peter KJ4ND and Marvin KG4HUX prepare to install a beam antenna !

Alan "Peewee" KF4ZUX and Al W4WL try to pull out a contact !!!

Stan KD4ERF, Alan "Peewee" KF4ZUX, 

and Al W4WL talk over the situation !

Peter KJ4ND discusses a possible solution to a minor  problem

with Al W4WL and Roger N4ZSZ !

Roger N4ZSZ, Peter KJ4ND, and AL W4WL concentrate on a CW contact !

Dave N4YAD works another contact !

Good contacts, good food, good conversation, and family -- all
add to the enjoyment of field day !!!!
L.A.R.S. Field Day Activities, June 28 - 29, 2000