L A U R E L   A M A T E U R   R A D I O    S O C I E T Y 
F I E L D    DAY    A C T I V I T I E S    1 9 9 8    

   Field  Day Activities - Important and Fun

Field Day --- Fun and Education for All

Amateur Radio Operators doing what they do best !!!

These young men have come a long way !!!
Good contacts, good conversation, and good people!!!
Now what state did he say ????

Just sorting out the maze of antenna wire and power cords....

Dave and Jonathan man the control center....

The emergency power generator -- Keys to emergency service...
Another good contact for Dave N4YAD !!!!
Good contacts, good food, good conversation, and family -- all
add to the enjoyment of field day !!!!
The chicken hawks circle the KFC !!!!
Now what is that in Frank's fist???   It couldn't be ... or could it??????

The picnic food was great!!!
L.A.R.S. Field Day Activities, June 27 - 28, 1998