The FOX Hunt of  Saturday morning 16 August 2003. 


The dawned too early for my comfort! First I collected the charged batteries, clip leads and some more FOXy parts, placed them in the trunk of the silver Camry and headed to the Levi Jackson Park for the foot race.  We met the hams getting ready to do communications for it.  And met KF4IFC, Mark and KB4DZN, Brent who were running in the race.


After the race, I headed out to hide the FOX.  I headed out to the north end of London, but the parade was getting ready to start down the middle of town.  Not a good idea for hunters to get in that mess!  I  drove on out to the new Library on Hwy 192 and parked in the shade of the building.  It is beginning to get warmer.  The FOX this time consisted of the Icom IC-2AT, 8 volts of gel-cell, rubber duck, FOX controller and 9 volt battery.  And since I forgot my watch I had to stay with my car (so much for the cool table and chair inside). 


I carried the FOX across the parking lot to a light pole.  It was set down beside the concrete base on the side away from the pavement.  No camouflage this time!   It was turned on at 10:00 AM, on low power (150 MW), and I walked back to the car to listen to the hunters on 147.285.


10:00   FOX started barking.

10:11   “KJ4ND ID’d” then Peter said, “KJ4ND mobile”

10:12   Peter asked if there was anyone else around.

10:14   “KJ4ND mobile” sounding more desperate.

10:19   “KJ4ND mobile”

10:23   “KJ4ND, anyone???”

10:30   Peter, “Is there anyone around?”

10:31   Peter just went by on the access road

10:32   Peter pulled into the parking lot and waved at me.

10:34   Peter on foot, using body shielding with no antenna.

10:34   Peter now walking toward me, now away from me.

10:35   Peter saw the FOX as he was getting ready to step up into the grassy area, and points to it, SMILING J!

10:36   Rodney, KG4LKY just showed up with Jessica, KG4KBW and Peewee, KF4ZUX on the access road.

10:36   Leland, KE4FGL just came in and is talking with Rodney.

10:37   Now Leland and Rodney are heading toward the old coal silos.

10:40   Now Leland is back, he asks Peter if he has found it, Leland finds FOX!.

10:40   While this is going on, Peewee is on foot with his HT.

10:41   Rodney found it, then Jessica found the FOX!

10:46   Peewee with his HT showing full-scale everywhere, finally FINDS FOX!


Bet you’re wondering why Peter was the only one being heard by me!  Me too!  As Peter told me, the other hunters were talking on the FOX frequency (147.550) and I wasn’t listening there (couldn’t have heard them anyway for the FOX).  I think it’s about time for about 175 watts ERP of FOX!


After some more discussions of fox hunting, fox hunt techniques, lower gain antennas (and other stuff) we decided to go our separate ways to a cooler place (like home!).


Jim  N4ICU  /  Fox  /  NOT Arctic Fox today  /   tired little fox


73 & GOD Bless