LARS FOXHUNT on 19 July 2003

By Jim Russell N4ICU, Alias “The Sneaky Fox”



The day dawned warm and clear (mostly).  The trip was made into London to Hardee’s for breakfast and to meet with Stanley KD4ERF.  We hid my car behind a church building and proceeded in Stanley’s loaner car to Fariston United Baptist Church.  The FOX this day was some gel-cell batteries, the IC2-AT, dynamite wire antenna and Wally World Bag

Then it was 10:00 and the FOX filled bag was gently placed in some weeds across the street next to a long line of railroad gondolas on the siding.  See time 11:19.  The Fox was set on high power (1.5 watts).  Location was N 37 degrees and 04  minutes and 117 seconds, W 84 degrees and 03 minutes and 359 seconds; altitude was 1050 feet amsl. 


10:00  FOX started barking.

10:00  Heard Stephen KG4LLB say he could barely hear it.

10:01  Peter KJ4ND could hear it but no bars.

10:02  Someone said they were heading down 192.

10:04  Peter KJ4ND could no longer hear it.

10:05  Stephen and Brian KG4DIO could hear it at 192.

10:06  Brian said he was sure glad it was weak, he lost his attenuator when they moved.

10:06  Rodney KG4LKY ID’ed, Brian asked “where you at?”,  Listen to “Wipe Out””.

Seems there is a rod and custom show at the old Wal-Mart center, hunters got side-tracked!

10:18  Carl K4QKS said his beams showed the FOX a little south of east .

10:18  Peter is just setting up his antennas now.

10:21  Rodney calls Stephen.

10:25  Peter, Is there anyone doing the foxhunt?

10:26  Peewee KF4ZUX asked if the fox hunt was going on?

10:27  Carl said it was just a little south of east.

10:27  Peter still couldn’t hear the FOX, said he would head out and maybe hear it.

10:28  Peewee is saying he just got off work.

10:29  Rodney is saying that his APRS is cutting out the FOX.

10:34  Peewee ID’ed, Brian went back to him, Brian said it is to the East.

10:35  Brian said it could be in Clay County!

10:36  Some doubled, then asked what frequency the FOX was on, Brian answered 147.55.

10:36  Peewee said that when he gets home he will use his beam and try top find the FOX.

10:37  Peter said it was noisy.

10:39  Can’t hear it!

10:46  Stephen called Rodney.

10:48  Stephen drove by and slowed down (found FOX?, nah!) then went right on by!!!

Jessica KG4KBW was saying to him that she saw Stanley and Jim over there at the picnic table.

10:49  Rodney and Jessica returned and parked.

10:50  Brian shows up.

10:51  Peewee is calling the hunters but gets no reply.

10:52  Stephen and Christy drive up.

10:52  Stephen Finds FOX! Christy, Brian, Jessica and Rodney FIND FOX!

10:53  Where is Peter?

11:02  Call Peter.

11:06  Peter finally drives up.

11:08  Peter FINDS FOX!

Peter would have gotten here sooner but was afraid to go over the old wooden railroad overpass!

Peter and several others were discussing that they didn’t know there were roads over here!

11:12  Where is Leland KE4FGL? Rodney calls him on the radio.

11:14  Let’s go eat – WE ALL found IT!

11:19  Peter asked if the FOX was moved at the beginning.

He heard it at the very beginning then it got real weak.

It was carried 300 feet across the street.

11:40  FOX was hushed up and the hunting group headed to Fazzoli’s for food….


Discussions at the end of the hunt centered on the weak signal of the FOX and believed it was one of the better hunts.  Now the Fox(es) have to accommodate them with weaker signals and harder to find hiding places! 

Right after we started heading out Leland got in touch with me.  Seems he started out hunting the FOX but got a call and now was pulling a trailer load of rocks down to his new house.


73 & God Bless

Jim, BJ, N4ICU, Fox, Arctic Fox, Sneaky Fox, Wet Pelt Fox, Tricky Fox …