The Great L.A.R.S Foxhunt
    Saturday 15 March, 2003

Beware of the Ides of March!!!

		Saturday, 15 March 2003 dawned brightly cloudy, the search 
was made for the FOX battery, another battery was assembled 
and the other equipment collected.  My daughter's dark Green 
Honda was acquired and radios transferred from the silver Camry. 
 		All in an effort to confuse the hunters.  I drove to the north 
London Burger King and setup the FOX in the Honda.  A wire dipole 
antenna was laid on the moon roof (horizontal polarization), coax 
routed out of sight, FOX and battery covered with black towel.  
		At 10 AM the FOX was put on the air, 147.285 was monitored 
and the car's tinted windows rolled up and then the car was locked.  
I went into the Burger King to a table with a soft drink and to listen 
and watch!

10:00	Peter KJ4ND, Nathan KG4SXT, Ron KG4RFK ID'd
10:05	Rodney KG4LKY and Stephen KG4LLB agreed the FOX was weak
10:07	Peter talking with someone: Real weak
10:08	Christy KG4PIJ ID'd
10:09	Peter is mobile
10:15	Rodney: Is there any heading yet?
10:17	Stephen and Rodney are heading to Wal-Mart: Can't hear it yet; 
	have to go to highest point
10:23	Stephen, Rodney and Christy: Hey, you forgot to shut your tailgate, 
	there's a tire on it
10:26	Peter ID'd
10:47	Rodney: Getting it pretty good here
10:48	Want to go simplex?
10:49	Stephen: Rodney: Staying here
10:50	Rodney: Have you heard anything?
10:53	Rodney and Ron: What is frequency of the FOX?  Answered, 147.55
10:54	Rodney: At Parkway and 192
10:55	Coming up to light at school
10:55	Ron: Still busy?
10:56	Rodney: Coming up hill, getting signal!
11:10	Peter: What happened to it?
11:11	Peter: Got a 3 on it!
11:12	Christy: Where's everybody else?
11:13	Stephen, Christy: Full scale!
11:13	Rodney, Stephen: That looked like a wolf back there.
11:14	Rodney ID'd
11:17	Ron and Rodney went slowly right by FOX and kept going
11:18	Rodney went right behind FOX in Burger King parking lot, and me 
	watching from inside. NOTE: Don't expect the silver Camry, remember 
	the white Corolla?  Watch signal strength and direction!
11:25	Rodney is back in shopping center parking lot in front of Kroger and CVS
11:27	Rodney comes back and turns north on Main St.
11:28	Rodney and Ron just went up the road on the hill behind Burger King
11:32	Rodney calls Stephen
11:33	Ron: Are you around? 
11:33	Rodney: Turn around; we passed it
11:34	Stephen: Broke wide squelch on this HT
11:35	Ron: Where are you at?  Squelched out on this HT
11:39	Someone: Behind building
11:40	Peter, Rodney in front of Kroger and CVS, Stephen across street at Food Fair
11:42	The hunters agreed: I'm going to BK; Meet you over there
11:43	Peter is handheld DF'ing in Kroger parking lot beside Bank!
11:43	Peter drives over and stops in front of CVS and gets out
11:43	Ron and Megan get out of SUV and go over and talk with Peter
11:44	Rodney is back
11:45	Ron and Megan going toward FOX, 20', 10', 8', 6', 10', 20', 40'
11:46	Stephen and Christy walked right in front of FOX
11:47	Ron and Megan walk back and forth
11:48	Peter is here
11:48	Stephen is wildly pointing at small coax, BNC's and wire dipole on 
	moon roof, Stephen and Christy found FOX
11:48	Peter finds FOX
11:48	Rodney finds FOX

		Megan says she will be the next Ham. She was very interested 
in the FOX so it was uncovered and shown to her.  Brent KB4DZN then 
walked out of Burger King and talked with us. He was in BK behind me 
and thought we were having a Fox Hunt.  We all talked for a while, and 
then decided to go to Burger King for refreshments.

	All the exploits are the Hunters' and the typos' mine.

		.........73 & God Bless de N4ICU Jim  a.k.a.  BJ   fox    
 	    		   FOX    Arctic Fox     Hey, You