The Great L.A.R.S Foxhunt
    Saturday 26 Jan. 2002

 **Hats Off to the Fox**
By Brian KG4DIO, one of the  Hounds

Jim N4ICU sure got me and Cristy this time !! He kept warning us that the fox would get better at being sly and today he sure proved that !!! After we finally got in the general area, we kept getting signal directions toward Kmart but we couldn't see Jim. **Where is Jim???** So, we would take off and go in another direction, but would always end up back in the Kmart / Blockbuster area, and finally we got out of the truck at Kmart. And, I shook my head for a moment!!!! And, we met Leland there --saying where in the world is he????? So, with a little walking Cristy, myself and Leland finally found the fox on foot in a camo bag hung in pine tree at the edge of the parking lot!!!!!! You could not see it till you were about three feet from it!!! What a fox!!!!!! Hats off again, Jim !!!!! ....Brian KG4DIO