The Great L.A.R.S Foxhunt
    Saturday 26 Jan. 2002

The Fox (N4ICU, Jim) began setting up a few minutes 
before 9:00 A.M. in the K-Mart parking lot, London, 
KY.  The fox transmitter and fox controller were put 
together, the frequency was 147.550 simplex, power 
switch put on low power (150 millawatts), the 10 inch 
wire antenna applied, the Icom IC-2AT and 
controller were turned on, wrapped in camouflaged 
cloth and hung about 5 feet up in an evergreen tree 
at the edge of K-Mart's parking lot.

9:00			FOX began transmitting
9:09			Brian KG4DIO, commented on 146.61 that 
            		nobody can hear the FOX
9:10			Leland KE4FGL, Peter KJ4ND, and Brian 
            		all agreed they could not hear it
9:16			Peewee KF4ZUX stated the could not hear it
9:17, 21, 25   	Several reporting they could not hear it
9:25			Brian said he could hear it on SSB, horizontal 
            		on his 17B3,  NNW 
9:35			Leland reported it barely broke squelch at 
            		I-75 exit 38
9:35			Peter reported he could barely hear it
9:41 			Carl K4KQS could hear it at 330 degrees
9:43			Brian had a direction of 343 degrees
9:44			Somebody said it was dead at McDonalds 
				South London
9:46			Carl said it was at 330, Peter said it was 
				very faint
10:02			Leland had it full scale at Hwy. 363 and 
				192 (700 feet from Fox)
10:03			Brian had a super good signal at Wal-Mart
10:04			Leland on K-Mart access road (getting close)
10:05			Leland in K-Mart parking lot
10:06			Leland stops, gets out, checks with his 	
				DF antenna and takes off away from me!
10:12			Leland found me (JIM) but not the FOX
10:14 			Talked with Leland and he left to find the 	
				elusive FOX
10:14			Leland parked out in a clear area of the 
				parking lot for some handheld DF'ing
10:15			Brian is in another parking lot just above 	
				the FOX, and says, “He just couldn't
            		be in the K-Mart parking lot, nobody 
				would be dumb enough to do that!
10:16			Stanley KD4ERF showed up and talked 
				with Leland
10:17			Brian shows up and gets with Leland 
				for some more hand held DF'ing
10:19			Brian points to an empty area (the FOX) 
				of the  parking lot, and shakes his head
10:20			Brian and Leland begin to walk in 
				the correct direction
10:27			Brian, Christy KG4PIJ and Leland find 
				the right tree, The FOX is FOUND
10:30 			Steven KE4LLA and Steven KE4LLB arrived
10:36   		Steven and Steven found the FOX
11:10			Peter arrives and begins hand held DF'ing
11:11			The FOX controller 9 volt battery begin 
				dying (strange sounds were 
             		emitted by the  FOX)
11:15			Peter closed to within 2 feet of the FOX 
				and kept on walking
11:16			Peter lifts a manhole cover and looks 
				within, and then returns and finds the FOX
11:20			Jim replaced the 9 volt battery and more 
				RDF equipment checks and practice ensued
--:--			We all talked about the hunt and the equipment, 
				the sneaky fox and his dirty tricks
12:20 			The group departed and went to the Pizza Hut 
				for sorely needed refreshment!

I tried to tell them the FOX would be harder to find this 
time.  All in all, I believe their skills are improving and 
the FOX will find that it will harder to find a good 
hiding place. Also, another lesson taught by the Fox 
was to teach them to quit expecting that the white 
Corolla would be the fox's lair.

.........73 & God Bless de N4ICU Jim  a.k.a.  BJ   fox    
 	    FOX    Arctic Fox     Hey, You